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Become a Coxa consul

23/09/2013 15:30:00 ( atualizada em 23/06/2014 10:28:35 )

Become a Coxa consul

Coritiba relies on the strength of its supporters outside of the country, too

Coritiba supporters around the world can carry the club’s name wherever they go. The Coxa Consulates project is aimed at approximating supporters that live far from Curitiba with the club’s daily routine, further strengthening Coxa-branca membership.

The goal is to strengthen the brand in the four corners of the world. The project involves the internationalization of the brand and goes far beyond having a Coxa representative in each location. Consuls are voluntary and should work in defense of the club's interests, aimed chiefly at increasing club membership, organizing social, sports and cultural actions that mobilize the local community, along with excursions to Coxa matches, in a quest to create new business opportunities, among other such functions.

It is very simply to set up a Consulate, though certain prerequisites must be met. The Consul must be a member of the club, which offers a plan for those living far from Curitiba, and have paid up in full all due fees. The person must be aged over 21, be employed full-time (employee, businessperson or self-employed), have a fixed home address in the specific location and offer their own communication infrastructure (landline and mobile telephone and internet), in addition to time available to work in favor of Coritiba.

If you are interested in becoming a Consul, send an e-mail to central@coritiba.com.br.

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