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Coxa wins Arapongas

Coxa wins Arapongas Coritiba encara Cruzeiro em busca de uma vaga na decisão do Brasileiro sub-20
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With the score 3 × 2, turning Thigh wins and is three points in the standings Londrina


It was with the insistence that race and Coritiba won all three points at home on Sunday (31). Before the Arapongas the Thigh left behind on the scoreboard, but sought to draw and reached the turn with goals from Arthur, Rafinha and Alex. And the score achieved is important for the result of competition, since the Thigh is now within three points of Londrina in the state overall.

"We did not play anything at halftime. We left behind on the scoreboard, improved and turned, that was important, "summed up the coach Marquinhos Santos.

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Home difficult

The Thigh took the field with changes since Leandro Almeida, Gil and Patric were out through suspension, while Lincoln and Robinho were vetoed by the Medical Department, as well as Eltinho, he felt pain in final practice and will be reevaluated at the beginning of the week.

However, the base is ten athletes that were related to the game which made ​​the difference for this round of the Thigh Paranaense. One new feature was the presence of goalkeeper Rafael Martins in the relationship. Besides him, Denis Neves, Luccas course, Guaraci, Willian, Alex, Rafael Silva, José Rafael - one of the highlights of the game - and Thiago Luizinho Primão made ​​up the list.

But early in the game, the thigh and stared Arapongas scored the first, with Eder, opening the scoring. At 12 minutes, Alex shifted to Rafael Silva, but the ball came easy feeble defense.

And then the game was truncated, with many errors and passes without a cadence. The Arapongas had another good chance on 31 minutes, with roll Cristovan but zaga alviverde averted the danger. And the referee whistled the end of the first half, with the disadvantage of Coritiba in a goal on the scoreboard.

Recovery and upset, with three assists Ze Rafael 

For the second half, the Thigh came with two changes. Ze Geraldo and Rafael entered in place of Chico and Rafael Silva. But like the first time, Arapongas found the way to the goal at the beginning. At three minutes, Eder scored again making two to zero.

At seven minutes, Rafinha advanced in good move, Alex thought that made ​​the conclusion, but the goalkeeper defended. At 11 the twisted white thigh-could celebrate the goal of the thigh. Arthur received Ze Rafael and not forgiven. Sent to the networks.

At 17, risked Rafinha but the goalkeeper defended. Then, at 27, Joe Rafael, which came